Comparison of Facial Cleaning Brushes and Perks of Using One

There are many perks of using a facial cleaning brush; also called a facial cleansing brush as well. Both cleaning and cleansing are appropriate terms to describe what such brushes do. Facial cleaning brushes effectively simplify cleansing your face. They work to get rid of all the dirt, dust, oil, dead skin cells, pollutants and other toxins from the skin.

Traditionally, people have used soap and a brush, scrubber or loofah. Women have preferred exfoliating masks or facial masks. There are cleansing creams, scrub massage and other treatments too. Many people simply use the tips of their fingers to vigorously massage their face to get rid of the piled up dead skin cells, excess oil, dirt, microbes and pollutants.

Perks Of Using Facial Cleaning Brushes

Facial cleaning brushes simplify your cleaning routine. You do not need to rigorously rub your fingers up and down and sideways on your face. Very few people manage to be patient with gentle circular strokes. You should also use anticlockwise circular motions at some places and clockwise motions at some parts of your face and neck. The whole ritual can be demanding if you do not have enough time.

You've Been Cleansing All Wrong

Excessive rubbing or scrubbing is detrimental. You may have large open pores. You may cause unnecessary friction and damage the top layer of your skin. Facial skin is sensitive, so is the skin at your neck. You cannot be too harsh on these parts.

A facial cleaning brush is the only effective way to regularly attend to the basic needs. However, that is not where the perks stop. A facial cleaning brush can help you to prevent inflammation and microbial infections. You can have more radiant skin. Over time, your skin will become firmer and more elastic while fighting the signs of aging.

Comparison Of Facial Cleaning Brushes

You ought to compare the different types of facial cleaning brushes available these days. Let us consider some of the bestsellers and pit them against one another.


Clarisonic brushes are the leaders in this niche. There is the all new Mia Smart. There is Mia Prima too, which is equally new. You can choose their predecessors, Mia 1 and Mia 2. You may go for Mia Fit, Alpha Fit or Smart Profile Uplift.

Clarisonic brushes vibrate and the soft bristles get down to work on your skin. Clarisonic brushes are also patented.You can actually use one of the latest Clarisonic brushes on an egg yolk and you would not ruin it. They are so soft but they are effective as well.

Clarisonic brushes are great for all kinds of skin. Mia 2 is particularly soft and ideal for soft or sensitive skin. The brushes are capable of three hundred micro movements, massaging every tiny part of your facial skin and neck. There are quite a few heads that you can use with these Clarisonic brushes. You can get rid of makeup, cleanse your face, detoxify your skin and also use the massage as a therapeutic treatment.

Foreo Luna

Foreo Luna Cleansing Brush is made of silicone, it is gentle and nonabrasive, cleaning is easy and you can continue to use it for months if you had recharged it fully the last time. This is a great tool for frequent travelers.

The cleaning brush is capable of deep cleansing as it can apply just enough pulsations to penetrate into the tissues under the topmost layer of the skin. As long as you are not using any silicone or clay based cleansers, any grainy soap or exfoliating cream, scrub or other such products, this brush should work great.

Cleansing By Clinque

Cleansing is another bestselling facial cleaning brush. It is a product of Clinique. The sonic system purifying facial cleaning brush has been created by dermatologists. It is appropriate for all types of skin. The cleansing is effective but gentle. You would not notice as many pores with this as you may when you use a scrubber or your hands to clean your face. There is a timer capping your session at thirty seconds. You are unlikely to overdo it if you use the feature. The brush is not as durable in comparison to Clarisonic brushes.


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