How to Fade The Appearance of Acne Scars

Acne seems to be one of those life long problems that never seems to let up. Just when you think you've survived puberty, hormonal changes keep the breakouts coming. No matter what age or gender you are; acne scars can hinder your confidence. The truth is these scars can be reduced to near invisibility with a variety of methods to fit your needs.

What Causes Acne Scars?

For starters, what exactly causes acne scars? Now most are used to the occasional pimple now and then, with little problem. On the other hand, those that suffer from cysts type of acne are at a much higher risk of developing scars. Essentially those who experience reoccurring bouts of cystic acne are prone to inflammation surrounding the area.  In addition to inflammation, picking at the pimple causes the skin to be replaced with thinner skin. This replacement causes the fibers holding the skin together to weaken and adopt a concave shape. Eventually the healthy tissue can no longer be produced efficiently; in turn causing skin to have a weakened defense. For this reason, picking at a pimple will accelerate the scarring person and alter the melanin produced as well.

Types of Scars

Now there are a number of types of scarring that can occur depending on the severity of the acne. There are a handful of types of scaring, the major types are identified as: ice pick, boxcar, rolling and atrophic.

Ice Pick

This type of scaring is narrow and deeply pitted with a smaller diameter. They take on a “hook-like” appearance.


This type of scarring has a rectangular shape with sharp defined edges.


This type of scarring resembles deep grooves that take on a sloped edge


This type of scaring has a flat, thin like appearance that almost resembles stretch marks. The pigmentation on these scars may have a more pink hue when compared to other types.

Methods To Fade Scars

Over The Counter Fade Creams

The drugstore is a treasure trove for finding dupes for high end products or products that compare to prescription strength. A fade cream works by evening out the skin tone surrounding the scar tissue. Active ingredients in these creams often contain high amounts of Vitamin C or Retinol A to increase skin cell turnover. These topical products contain active ingredients that target uneven texture and tone.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels or laser treatments work in the same vain as fade creams. They target dark spots and discoloration with more precision and deliver results quicker. Rather than fading the spot, the laser actually penetrates deep into the layers to increase skin cell turnover. Peels work to remove the top layer of skin, which then allow for the fresh layer to come to the surface.


DIY Treatments

For those seeking a natural, non-invasive approach, a simple DIY can aid in fading scars. Mind you the results from these DIYs are not as effective as a laser treatment; but, they are more cost efficient and gentle on skin.

If one is to use a DIY treatment, it is important to incorporate ingredients high in Vitamin C (brightens tone) and Vitamin A (increases skin turnover) to experience effective results.  Ingredients such as lemons, tea tree oil, raw unfiltered honey and strawberries make amazing bases for pastes and masks.


When it comes to acne scars, prevention is the best approach. These simple tips will help reduce the occurrence of breakouts and the severity of them to avoid scarring all together.

Treat Breakouts Early

The sooner you can treat a pimple, the quicker you can contain the spread of inflammation causing bacteria. This means implementing a spot treatment, keeping skin clear with multiple washes and keeping your hands off your face. Our fingertips can be a breeding ground for bacteria and oils to transfer onto face.

Don't Pick At Skin

You may be tempted to pick at a pimple or even worse…pop it all together. Both of these methods only deepen clogged pores and weaken skin tissue. While scarring is your body's method to heal itself, it leaves behind callused skin. If you don't pick at pimples, your skin cells will shed on their own with stronger skin tissue.

Sleep Clean

Throughout the day, oil, free radicals and makeup seep into pores and compound acne. It is vital to wash makeup off every single night regardless of how tired you may be. Falling asleep with a full face of makeup is one of the quickest aging agents and irritating agents for pimples. Even using a make wipe is better than skipping any kind of removal all together.

Skin Care Regime

Keep a consistent skin care regime with products that are formulated for your skin type. The PH of skin needs to be regulated at an acidic 5 to keep bacteria at bay. By maintaining a strict skin care regime, you can help neutralize the surface of skin. Results from a skin care regime will not occur overnight, which is why it is so important to keep a regular schedule to view results over time.

Low-Fat Diet

It is without a doubt that what you put in your body is just as relevant as what you put on topically. Maintaining a diet low in saturated fats and junk food in general will help reduce the over production of oil. This means steering away from fast food especially and candy. Not only will your waistline thank you, your pores will not be bogged down with the excess oil.




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