The Different Skin MythBusters That Actually Work

Many people are worried about their skin health and conscious about following the right regime and want to know the correct facts to ensure that their skin is perfect. There are many factors that have an impact on skin health like: weather, pollution, exercise and hormones. You can ensure the right products and correct care by knowing which factors can cause negative effects on your skin. The fact is, that you must be aware of the products that work with your skin type, maintain a good diet and exercise to  enhance your skin for younger, beautiful skin.

Most people make an attempt to take care of their health, both physical and mental. If you exercise, eat right and do things that make you feel happy, it will have a positive effect on your body. Taking care of your skin should also be important for you. There are different myths about skin care and there are also myth busters for these myths. We break down the skin myth busters actually work.

What Are the Different Skin Myths and Mythbusters?

Using Toothpaste To Spot Treat

It is true that toothpaste can dry out blemishes; but, it leaves your skin dry and is not beneficial for your skin health. Applying toothpaste can cause irritation and redness which can linger and cause more breakouts. Thus, when dries up your blemishes, it can also damage your skin. Rather than using this damaging method, consider using products formulated for blemishes.

Tanning Products To Clear Acne 

Sometimes acne might appear to improve after tanning by drying out the skin; but, in reality your skin begins to produce excess amounts of oil, which can cause the formation of acne. When you go out without applying any lotion or protection, UV rays from the sun can have adverse effects. Always cover up and practice proactive sun protection methods to avoid excess dry skin and reduce chances of developing skin cancer.

Oily Skin Types Should Avoid Moisturizers

Many people who have oily skin avoid moisturizers; because, they think that they do not need  moisturizers and it will generate more oil on their skin. The truth is that if you want to have healthy skin,  it needs hydration and better protection from free radicals. It is recommended to you that use a daily moisturizer to keep skin hydrated and protected from the elements. Try using Cetaphil's Dermacontrol Facial Moisturizer, that is designed for oily skin and packed with SPF as a bonus.

Sunscreen Can Cause Breakouts

It is not trues because if your skin breakout while using the sunscreen which means that your skin is reacting to the ingredient which is contained in that sunscreen. It is important to look the ingredient of the product because some sunscreen contain ingredient that lead to breakout while others can clog pores. You should choose a sunscreen that is non comedogenic. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ provide help to prevent from sun burn and suitable for all skin type.

You Don't Need To Wash Your Face In The Morning

Even though your face is not visibly “dirty” in the morning it still has: oil, dead skin cells and bacteria which can cause blackheads and breakouts. It is advisable, to use a gentle cleanser in the morning to wash your face to keep you fresh and keep your skin beautiful. Regular face washing will prevent your skin from bacteria accumulation and help shorten a breakout. Many products are available in the that are formulated for all skin types.

The Harder You Wash, The Cleaner Your Skin Will Be

It makes acne worse if you wash your face too rough. Washing or scrubbing your face too abrasively can lead to irritation on the skin and your pores may become worse from the friction. It can actually cause the spread of bacteria all over the skin and cause further infection on the other area of the skin.  A gentle cleanser, soap free cleanser like Cetaphil's Daily Facial Cleanser For Oily To Dry Skin is a perfect option for a variety of skin types!

Your Diet Does Not Affect Your Skin

Many people think that what they eat will not affect their skin. While certain foods do not cause acne or breakouts directly, they can cause oil buildup. Everyone has different skin types and they have slightly different reactions to certain foods. The perfect way to define this is to go on an elimination diet. You should cut out some possible food for a week and then see the effect on your skin.

There are many myths that have spread among and many times it is easy to believe them as fact. It is best to do your own research from legitimate sources and take the time to compare findings. For example, many believe that using Vaseline on the face can prevent skin from wrinkles; but, in reality applying Vaseline can cause a comedogenic barrier which causes more occurrences of acne breakouts.

It is important to take the time to test and find products that work with a carefully curated regime. Once you discover your skin type, look into the do's and don'ts of your skin type to achieve the most effective results possible. It is key to remember that skin health works from within; which means eating the right foods, staying hydrated and maintaining an active lifestyle. These simple principles paired with a custom regime prevent acne and keep skin looking youthful through the years!


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