The Top 5 Benefits Rosehip Oil Has To Offer

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Rosehip oil is one of those facial oils that seems to fall in the background with oils such as; argan and coconut grabbing all the attention. Few understand the benefits it has to offer and how it can work to replace or supplement products currently in your regime. Once you use it once, you'll be hooked! Rosehip oil has the potential to reverse aging, quench dry skin, even out skin tone and much more! Here are the top 5 benefits that you can expect to gain from using rosehip oil!

Rosehip Oil in its purest form is harvested from the seeds of the fruit that are left behind once a rose has bloomed. It is packed with Vitamins E, D, and A which are all well known for their anti-aging properties. For those wary of placing oil on their face, no need to worry, this oil ranks as a 2 on the comedogenic oil scale. This means that even those with oily skin can feel confident in using this oil because it will not clog pores due to its quick absorption. This oil is also packed with fatty acids that help strengthen facial fibers and increase skin turnover.

The primary fatty acid, alpha linolenic acid is known to repair cell walls and act as catalysts to prompt skin turnover. The great benefit of this oil is that the shelf life clocks in with 6 months to 2 years (as long as you store in a cool, dark area) without losing effectiveness.


As we age, collagen and elastin fibers weaken due to a decrease in production. This causes skin to take on a droppy appearance and for fine lines to appear. Rosehip oil is packed with Vitamin A (more specifically beta carotene) that helps jump start production. The antioxidants of this vitamin also protect from free radicals that can harm and damage dermal layers. As the oil neutralizes the surface of skin, the effects of free radicals have a more difficult time latching onto skin due to the barrier created.

Fade Marks

Rosehip oil is prominent for its fading properties that make it perfect to fade scars and stretch marks.  The fatty acids within the oil increase skin flexibility to improve texture and repair fibers. The Vitamin A help skin turnover to cause the scarred tissue to shed and to be replaced with healthy skin tissue.

Rosehip oil has a slight orange tint to it


For those battling with dry, itchy and flaky skin can find relief in this extremely hydrating oil. The great thing about this oil is that it deeply hydrates without the heaviness of a heavier oil such as coconut or shea (both are highly comedogenic–will cause breakouts). This oil makes a great substitution for your heavy creams because it provides plenty of moisture that penetrates deeply.


This oil is packed with plenty of Vitamin C, which is known for its brightening properties and overall glow effect. This brightening effect also works to fight hyper pigmentation and to light dark age spots. For those seeking a natural, healthy glow without a greasy texture or sheen, this oil works great.  The immune boosting properties of the Vitamin C help protect the surface of skin from acne causing bacteria.

Sun Protection

There are not many products that can repair or even reverse sun damage; but, rose hip oil has fatty acids that fight free radicals and UV rays. The antioxidants fight off harmful rays will neutralizing skin tone to provide a more uniformed appearance. While strengthening collagen fibers, Vitamins A and C can help remove redness and flaking associated with sun burnt skin.

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