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The 6 Facial Oils That You Should Know About

Why Facial Oils Benefit Skin Health

We are well versed in locking down a skin regime that includes: cleanser, toning and moisturizing to repair the appearance of our skin and to keep it resilient.  Doing those things religiously may be fine and dandy; but, implementing facial oil is a real game changer to repairing acne, moisturizing skin at the cellular level and improving the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Even though the concept of placing oil on the skin sounds like a nightmare of clogged pores waiting to happen, this is simply not the case. The oils on this list are non comedogenic, which means you don’t have to fret over a looming breakout or having a shiny appearance.

Consider facial oil as that step that will add an extra oomph to your routine like never before.  They can be used as a treatment at night, a primer for your makeup or as a sealant for your moisturizer.

Breakdown of Beneficial Facial Oils

Argan Oil

Perhaps this oil is the craze that started it all, it’s hard to go anywhere without seeing this product formulated for skin or hair. Hailing from Morocco, this precious oil is derived from the kernels of the Argan tree (Arganina spinose L.) Naturally rich in fatty acids and a composition including: topcopherols and squalene. This table oil has made it into almost every beauty product you can imagine. Shoutout to Josie Maran for hooking us on this craze when she launched her Argan oil line! This rich oil is known for its intense moisturizing properties.

Argan Oil
Product Recommendation

The great thing about this product is that is pure, organic and unprocessed which allows the natural properties of argan oil to work their magic! The thing that I indicated its purity was the sweet nutty aroma that I could smell instantly upon opening.

As someone who has suffered with oily skin most of their life, it actually leaves behind a smooth, soft flush to my skin upon application. I find that it works best when applied to wet skin, like when you hop out the shower, on days I don’t wear makeup, I like to put on a thin layer to give a nice glow throughout the day.

Cost: $18.61

Tea Tree Oil

If you suffer with oily skin—which then means you most likely deal with bouts of acne fairly often caused from trapped oil under the epidermal layers —get ready to make tea tree oil your best friend! This particular oil is naturally found from our neighbors down under, Australia.

Known for its; anti-inflammatory properties and tingling like sensation. As someone that deals with breakouts fairly often, I wanted to find a product that wasn’t too harsh on my skin but had the potential to purify it. Tea Tree oil acts as a shield between your skin and harmful bacteria from turning your skin into a breeding ground.

Tea Tree Oil
Product Recommendation

What I like about this particular product is the potency and the fact that I can feel it working so to say. I like the eye drop dispenser because it allows me to mix in with my moisturizer at night to seal away nutrients and it also makes it go a long way! I also suffered from cyst like acne to the point where it was tender to even apply makeup, but over time I would use this at night and little by little my acne began to clear up and even the redness surrounding my nose and cheeks began to diminish as well.

Cost: $12.93

Disclaimer: For this particular product, because of its potency, the makers recommend diluting it with carrier oil before placing directly onto skin

Apricot Oil

Benefit: Probably not as well-known as others, but for those of you with dry skin, listen up!  This oil is rich in vitamin B and is hub for fatty acids. They are also filled with anti-inflammatory agents that can reduce appearance of acne and redness associated with sensitive skin.  Its unique composition is rich in gamma linoleic acid aka GLA is derived from foods that are rich in omega fatty acids that help trap moisture and in turn offer a supple appearance to skin

Apricot Oil
Production Recommendation

This specific product is 100% pure Apricot Kernel Oil rather than being packed with filler ingredients that only water down the potency of this amazing oil.

Here is T. ONeal’s  experience with using this product:

Offers excellent skin conditioning without being oily. Skin looks revitalize after less than a week of use. Just apply a small amount after bath/shower. Have already bought another bottle in case Amazon stops selling it. Awesome product I don’t use lotion at all now just Apricot Oil.”

Cost: $8.09


Rosehip Oil

There’s nothing quite like the smell of a fresh bouquet of roses, Aside from the amazing smell of rosehip oil, its healing properties are the standout of this particular oil.  It is known for improving the overall tone of skin: hyper pigmentation, age spots, skin elasticity and shield from free radicals. It’s packed with anti- inflammatory fatty acids which can help address signs of aging and create a protective barrier around skin from further damage. Known as a healing oil, it can even help fade acne scars as it works to even out skin tone.

Rosehip Oil
Product Recommendation

The highlight of this product is the ingredient list: rosehip seed oil.  It is great for those who have sensitive skin and can’t be too experimental with skin care products because of the flare-ups that can occur whenever trying a new product. Rose oil is known for its anti-bacterial properties and its ability to fade acne scars, stretch marks and even age spots.  The great thing about is that you can use it directly on skin without the use of a carrier oil! The standout of this oil is the matte like appearance it leaves that makes it great to use a makeup primer!

Cost: $12.97

Almond Oil

Seems that these days, Almond can be found in anything: almond milk, ice cream and almond butter! Not only is this oil healthy to eat, it is great at promoting healthy skin! This particular oil is rich in Vitamin E (a deep humectant known for fighting free radicals).

This oil is often paired with argan oil for hair care products. It is full of Vitamin E and fatty acids which makes it the essential facial oil for those looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It almost acts as a magnet as it works to clean deep below the surface of skin

Almonds are nature’s multitaskers
Product Recommendation:

This product is great because its’ 100% Natural: unscented and no added fragrances! It is super gentle on skin, as someone that breaks out after eating the smallest bit of dairy, I can’t go on loading a bunch of artificial ingredients to further irritate my skin. This particular product could also be used as a carrier to help create your own custom facial oil mix. It makes a great substitute for those wanting the moisturization of coconut oil without the clogged pores (unfortunately coconut oil is not considered as  non-comedogenic) . Overall this product has that sweet nutty scent that deeply moisturizes skin to aid you in your anti-aging efforts!

Cost: $10.70

Sunflower Oil

Just because the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles have yet to creep up on you, doesn’t mean that the damage from sun and free radicals haven’t already began to start their effects of premature aging. Sunflowers are not only pretty to look at but they are packed with linoleic acid that  works to create barriers to protect skin and prevent water loss. These fatty acids are perfect to use under the eye area as it brightens dark circles and reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Sunflower Oil
Product Recommendation

Now this product contains a blend of facial oils: ginger root, sunflower, and tamanu. Some highlights are its 100% origin and non comedogenic  properties.  This product really makes skin took on a smooth dewy appearance that gives your skin luminosity with citrus scent that is too yummy to pass up! This product also tackles the look of skin fatigue, as anyone else knows, when you get little sleep it shows in your around the eye area first and that’s really hard to cover up, even with the best full coverage concealer! This product really gives that post glow that everyone seeks, it makes a perfect makeup primer, and even midday my makeup was still intact and had not separated whatsoever.  Now the price tag may be a little steep for some, but you’ll find that a little goes a long way for this product!

Cost: $46.00












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