The Truth About Coconut Oil

Despite the various health and skin benefits of coconut oil, its saturated fat content has resulted in an unending debate about how its usage may lead to high cholesterol levels in the body. Although the debate is ongoing, the FDA has yet to evaluate and give its final verdict on the various claims put forth about coconut oil and its pros and cons.

If you are not aware of all this, this article will list down the many positives and negatives there are of coconut oil for the body and skin.

The Pros

Here’s a list of benefits that you can enjoy from the use and consumption of coconut oil.

It Aids With Weight Loss

Studies have shown that coconut oil is exceptional for weight loss. When tested for abdominal obesity, coconut oil helped reduce waist circumference much better than soybean oil, another weight-loss remedy. Moreover, the MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) found in coconut oil may be used to increase energy expenditure by 5 percent on a daily basis.

It’s Good For Skin

Oil pulling is a popular phenomenon when it comes to skincare routines. One teaspoonful of coconut oil supplies the skin with the much-needed moisture. It’s hydrating and comes packed with anti-inflammatory properties.

It may be used to treat skin conditions like mild eczema. It also protects the skin from sun damage, similar to a sunscreen. Coconut oil can block 20 percent of UV rays directed at the skin from sun exposure.

It Ensures a Supply of Essential Fatty Acids

According to studies, coconut oil is rich in medium- and short-chain fatty acids. These are required by the body as a quick energy source for the process of ketosis. The MCTs have been found to impact the brain in a therapeutic manner while combating disorders such as epilepsy and Alzheimer’s.

It May Be Used as an Anti-Virus

Coconut oil has an abundance of 12-carbon lauric acid, an essential fatty acid that breaks down into monolaurin once consumed by the body. Both these compounds, in turn, help the body against microbes such as fungi, bacteria, and other similar viruses. Thus, coconut oil can be your go-to in case of viral and bacterial infections anywhere in the body!

This isn’t the absolute and entire truth about coconut oil. It comes bearing several adverse health effects as well. These have been discussed in paragraphs that follow.

The Cons

Here’s all that the ongoing debate about coconut oil has to say about its harmful effects on the body and overall health.

It Increases LDL Cholesterol Levels

Coconut oil is made up of 91 percent of saturated fat – an unhealthy fat. These fats can trigger higher cholesterol levels in the body, leading to various heart and cardiovascular diseases. It’s all right to wish for healthy skin and shiny hair but definitely not at the cost of poor health.

It’s An Expensive Purchase

Usually, the market’s invisible hand works to set prices for products, but in the case of the widely available coconut oil, it costs more than extra virgin olive oil. However, the irony is that all of this extra cost does not guarantee even half the benefits you could otherwise receive from the use of extra virgin olive oil! How does one justify this cost then?

Saturated Fat Puts the Heart at Risk

Heart health depends largely on cholesterol levels in the body and blood pressure. Excessive consumption of coconut oil provides a lot of saturated fat, which is harmful for you. For instance, 2000 calories of coconut oil in a day provide the body with 15 grams or more of saturated fat.

Due to its high caloric density, you are inviting not only greater unwanted calories but potential heart risks too! Can you afford to take all of this irreversible risk?

Final Thoughts

Scientific studies are underway to establish a solid connection of coconut oil with various heart diseases. For now, it is recommended that consumption and use are moderated, so consider smaller portion sizes and watch out for saturated and trans fat content and calories.

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