What Is Chlorella And Why It Will Be Hitting Shelves Soon

What Is Chlorella?

Chlorella is a type of algae. It is among the oldest algae species in the world. Also known as The Jewel of the East, this green algae grows abundantly in Japan, Taiwan and other Asian countries. Chlorella also grows in fresh water.

This single celled organism is known to be sustainable and rich in a plethora of nutrients. Chlorella can reproduce up to eight times in a day. It is rich in chlorophyll and many other components, most of which are deemed healthy for humans. Chlorella has been widely studied and many of its benefits have been scientifically proven. This is why it is now poised to hit the shelves across the West, aimed to be used as a cure or a regulatory treatment for a myriad of ailments and health conditions.

The Benefits of Chlorella

Chlorella can help in overcoming obesity, it speeds up fat loss and increases metabolism. It boosts energy and has detoxifying ability. Chlorella may become just as popular as spirulina, if not moreso these days. Let us explore the various reasons why chlorella is the next big thing in the world of super greens or green superfoods.

Rich In Vitamins

Chlorella is rich in vitamins A and C. It also contains several B vitamins. It has sufficient iron, magnesium, zinc, protein and calcium. Vitamins and minerals are essential for the human body in regards to development and daily functions.

The antioxidants in chlorella can fight free radicals in the system and hence strengthen immune functions. Chlorella, when consumed regularly in the form of supplement or in foods, can enhance the activity and production of T-cell. Consuming this superfood regularly helps lead to the production of antibodies to fight various types of diseases.

Protein Packed

Chlorella is a rich source of proteins among plants. An ounce of this algae has sixteen grams of protein. Those who are on a vegan diet of vegetarian are susceptible to protein deficiencies. If you are a vegan bodybuilder or athlete, if you are a fitness enthusiast aiming for more mass or you simply wish to sport larger muscles, then chlorella can help.

Weight Loss Aid

Chlorella can help with your weight loss goals. This algae can help improve metabolism by regulating the hormones that control your appetite and digestion. Chlorella does not contain much fat and is low in calories. Hence, it would not aid weight gain in any way. Along with weight loss, it also acts as a natural energy booster.

Cancer Prevention

Chlorella can suppress certain types of cancerous or malignant tumor. The algae can also target cancer cells or those that are about to become cancerous. Survival rates of cancerous and cancer cells are drastically reduced by the algae.


Chlorella can detoxify your skin and your internal system. The antioxidants in chlorella fight free radicals on and in the skin. They also get rid of toxins from your digestive tract, including the small and large intestines. The algae can cleanse heavy metals too.


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