What Skin Routine Should You Have Based On Your Blood Type?

If you had thought blood type and skincare routine shared no connection, you are wrong. Your blood type determines the requirements of your skin and these may vary for people with different blood groups. If this connection seems alien to you, keep reading and try the following skincare routines based on your blood type.

Blood Types

Blood Type A

People in this blood group require basic foods to keep nourished and remain healthy. As for their skin, vegetables are more important than meat consumption. Blood group A has an inferior ability to absorb fats, so meat is not too healthy. For maintaining that shine, keep meat consumption low and eat as many vegetables as possible.


A sufficient consumption of vegetables will ensure a low body temperature, which is likely to keep the skin relaxed. Tensed skin can lead to fine lines and wrinkles. You are generally required to keep your body temperature low in order to achieve healthy and glowing skin.

For the skin, blood group A must use olive oil as the base oil when applying makeup. You are most likely to have smaller pores, and makeup could cause these pores to become full, causing stressed skin. Olive oil comes equipped with oil-soluble vitamins that ensure the provision of fatty acid to the skin, keeping it smooth and supple.

Blood Type B

If you have blood type B, you are more likely to have a higher tendency for absorbing and ingesting most foods. Plus, people with this blood group have better digestive abilities. Thus, the consumption of meat does less damage than it would in case of other blood types.

As far as skin type is concerned, people with blood type B usually have shallow skin. This means the cuticle is thinner, so the skin is prone to sensitivity owing to the slightest of change. If you have this blood group, you must have faced more skin irritation. For blood group B, the skin will produce more oil, so using a mildly acidic cleanser is the best way to keep the skin rejuvenated and clean.

Cleansing milks should be avoided at all costs since they will only cause irritation based on your skin pH (4.8-5.6). Scented soaps and facial bars should also be abstained from as they can cause inflammation and outbreaks on the skin’s surface.

When choosing scrubs for the skin, make sure the exfoliating beads are not too coarse on the skin. If the scrub causes redness or itching, discontinue use immediately before it damages the skin’s cuticle. Scrub as lightly as possible and use a smoothing scrub.

Blood Type AB

People with this blood type have a skin that tends to be more adaptable and resilient against the sun and its harmful UV radiations. ABs belong to the mucus type, which makes their blood circulation not as good as it is for other blood groups. Skin type is mature and is, thus, more prone to aging sooner than for other types.

Hard water can lead to early signs of aging, and this will only cause your skin to age sooner than its actual time. Try using mineral spring water when washing the face and if this is not readily available, simply boil tap water and use at 42 degrees Celsius.

Using egg whites on the face will also improve the ability of red blood cells to absorb oxygen. Egg whites can help the skin maintain its inner glow while keeping it hydrated all day long. Just don’t keep the white on the face for too long or else it will absorb the moisture from skin cells, drying them out.

Blood Type O

This particular blood group is known for its love of meat. Type Os can consume more meat and high-protein foods relative to all other blood types. Their skin is more prone to sweat and pores are coarse, making the skin more likely to dry up quickly. Furthermore, the skin cannot protect itself from harmful UV radiation.

For type Os, a good night’s sleep is imperative for the skin to restore itself. If you have this blood group, make sure you receive an undisturbed sleep for 8 hours on a daily basis if you want to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Do not sleep for more than 8-9 hours as it will only hypnotize the skin cells and they will take more time to adjust to the environment.


Another vital skincare tip for all type Os is to never use foaming cleansers. Your skin has ample oil and sweat production, so a foaming cleanser will cause the skin to dry out completely. If you are in the habit of using a cleanser, go for the mild ones for better results.


Now that we have laid out the skin types of each blood group, choose a skincare routine that suits your blood group as closely as possible for better, healthy skin!

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