How Can Double Cleansing Transform Your Skin?

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When it comes to innovative skincare, the Korean beauty industry always seems to be ahead of the curve… hello sheet masks! Although some of the methods are a bit more complex, there are as much as ten steps for the traditional nighttime skin routine! Great, just when you got used to actually washing your face every night! No need to fret, this is one method that most people do already to a certain extent and it’s easy to follow and has pretty amazing results: double cleansing!

Now how do people practice double cleansing already? Well if you’re anything like me, you’ve discovered how much easier life is with a good makeup wipe! Or maybe you’ve used a makeover remover designed for stubborn eye makeup (waterproof mascara anyone?) before moving on to a water based step. This pre-wash so to say follows the same reasoning of double cleansing; however double cleanser is an upgrade to your traditional makeup wipe with less tugging and scrubbing (eye wrinkles) and less irritation (thinking of you sensitive eyed peeps!).

Now the name implies what the method is; however, you might be wondering why you should cleanse twice? You might have questions such as; wouldn’t cleansing your face twice dry it out, isn’t one cleanser sufficient, will this cost a lot to maintain? These are valid concerns; but, the reasoning and results will put your mind at ease, once you start, it will be very hard to go back to just using one cleanser.

Why Should I Double Cleanse?

To put it bluntly, the surface of our skin deals with a lot of crap throughout the day that accumulates as time wears on. That makeup you put on this morning, well in between touching up and sweat generated from pores; it doesn’t look so great by the end of the day

Well due to this common problem, makeup companies have developed long wear makeup that is much heavier in ingredients and coverage. This type of makeup doesn’t budge much throughout the day, which is great; but, taking it off at night is now much more difficult. Not only have new formulations of foundations changed the PH balance of our skin; but, we are more susceptible to the effects of free radicals due to: the rapid urban renascence we are experiencing due to a more interconnected world and our ever increasing attitude to take on more on our plate. All these factors can translate to, a hyper maturation of skin, acne and uneven texture and tone.

The Science Behind The Method

Research at The International Dermal Institute reflected that most women spend as little as 20 seconds to wash their face now this is a small number and nowhere near sufficient to properly remove all the makeup and grime from our face.  This is why double cleansing is such a game changer; it seeks to address all these concerns in two easy steps!

Having this layer of oil remain prevents cleansers; toners and moisturizers from properly penetrating the deeper layers of your skin to flush out clogged pores that lead to breakouts.  Same logic has also caught on within the haircare industry: silicone free hair movement. Little known dirty secret: silicones aka cones create barriers around hair shaft leading to a shiny, smooth appearance. In this case hair appears healthier but a barrier still remains preventing deep conditioners from penetrating the shaft and restoring the health of your stressed tresses.

Now I don’t know about you, but what good is a skincare regime if the ingredients cannot be absorbed properly due to a film of oil over the surface of skin? Let’s get you started on this effective and easy method to improving the health of your skin!


Scrub Up Sunshine!

What You'll Need

1st Step

As we all know, water and oil simply don’t mix. Look at any bottle of table dressing and you can visibly see the separation.  The first step is very crucial in order for your other products to actively work. First step is to use an oil based cleanser. Now you can use a facial oil standalone or cleanser formulated with oil derived ingredients. The reason for oil first, well simply: oil clings to oil. Many makeup products, sunscreens and sebum produced from skin are all oil based. This step must be done dry, if you use water, this step simply doesn’t work.

  • First wash hands and warm oil by rubbing hands together , use finger tips to spread evenly across face
  • Allow product to sit on face for about 30 seconds
  • Use cotton pads to gently wipe away (you will notice how products melt away as you wipe)
  • Repeat until all visible makeup and oils is removed


2nd Step

After pre-washing your face with the oil cleanser, you are left with the bare surface of your skin—no sunscreens or makeup forming a layer of skin. Now you are lift with dirt, bacteria, dead skin cells and grime that only water can fully remove. When you have a buildup of dead skin cells this can lead to a dull, lackluster appearance and create a breeding ground for bacteria to burrow in (yuck!) Although oil based cleaners remove a large chunk of product, following with a foaming water activated   This is where your foaming cleaners come into the picture and remove any remnants.

  • Dampen face with cool water
  • Work products in with fingertips or facial brush to exfoliate as you cleanse
  • Use water to wash off excess cleaner products
  • Pat dry, use warm (slightly damp) towel to prep skin for absorption of subsequent products (i.e. toners, moisturizer and serums)

Now there you have it, double cleansing! This simple two step regime will help reduce the frequency of breakouts, appearance of wrinkles and correct texture of skin due to the fact that your products will actually deliver powerful antioxidants and vitamins!






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