The Top 5 Oil Based Cleansers To Use For Any Skin Type

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Why You Should Use An Oil Base

The dewy look is back, but how do you achieve that look? Oil seems like such a dirty word within the skincare industry.  We are constantly trying to remove excess oil from skin in fears is will lead to the development of cyst acne (not ideal for that upcoming date night). Well there’s being a shift, consider oil your new frenemy!

It’s true that excess oil does lead to acne. The surprising fact is: oil can also be used to remove oil. You may have heard of double cleansing, the latest gift from the Korean skincare industry. This method will change the way you see oil forever. Regardless of skin type, you can implement oil based cleaner into your skincare regime.

Not only will these oil based cleansers help clear away makeup, sunscreen and other oil based products; they provide, hydration to leave skin soft and supple. Here is a list of the Top 5 Based cleaners that range from drugstore pricing to higher end to fit any budget and skin care need!

P.S. One of the cheapest ($FREE.99) ways to prevent oil accumulation…stop touching your face!

Product Recommendations

Simple Kind to Skin , Cleansing Oil

 Now that more companies are shifting to more naturally based formulas to, Simple was one of the first drugstore brands to emerge with high quality ingredients for those seeking an alternative (especially those with sensitive skin). This cleansing oil contains: 100% grapeseed oil which has anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties due to flavonoids found in grapes, is enriched with Vitamins A & E, non-comedogenic and dermatologist approved.

For me this is great because I wear mascara on an almost daily basis and it can be very stubborn to remove, with this product; I only need to use a cotton round per each eye with as little as 3-4 drops and my waterproof mascara melts away.  Best part, my eyes are not left red!

Cost: $9.49

The Face Shop, Rice Water Bright, Cleansing Light Oil

The Face Shop is a K-Beauty based brand created in 2003, if you’re looking in to adopting a Korean based regime ( about 10-12 Steps) , what better place to start then the source?  The highlights of this product are the rice water extract: which are known for their ferulic acid (antiantioxidant)  and allantoin properties (both known for anti-inflammatory abilities).

It also contains hydrating oils like: moringa (known for fighting acne and blackheads), jojoba oil (deep humectant) Another plus? It contains brightening properties, so if you’re looking to fade age spots and add luminosity back into your skin for a more youthful appearance, this product will become your new go to!

Cost: $13.60


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DHC, Deep Cleansing Oil                          

This product has a rich blend of olive oil and rosemary oil and is perfect for those with dryer skin seeking to replenish moisture lost throughout the day. According to the International Olive Oil Council, olive is categorized as a natural inhibitor to the damage done by the sun’s ray with a lipid profile similar to human skin. In addition olive oil is composed of Viatamins A, D, K and E—all vitamins known to help generate skin cell turnover to combat the formation of wrinkles.

This Japanese based company is known for their extensive use of olive oil in their products (they even sell 100% olive oil) due to its amazing ability to neutralize free radicals and help slow down the effects of maturing skin.

Here is just one individual’s experience using this olive oil rich product

Stars in dreamland writes:

“…I have issues with pimples and blackheads sometimes (all of my life) but they come when I try other products such as a new moisturizer or that time of the month. This oil has never caused my skin to clog – so do not let that be an issue if you have oily skin.”

Cost: 26.51

Oil is the secret to a clear complexion

Badger Balm, Argan Cleansing Oil

This product is geared toward those on the dry end of the skin spectrum with hydrating oils such as: rose, jojoba, argan and sunflower (all non comedogenic oils). This product has an amazing smell with the hints of rose to tickle your nose buds, completely vegan with its certified ingredients, so you can be assured you’re using a high quality product. Not only is this great for dry skin, this product is great for acne using fatty acids and vitamins to help unclog pores!  Another great plus, a little goes a long way, I was able to remove a full face of makeup with as little as 3 pumps!

Cost $16.99

Argan Oil won't clog your pores

Banila CO. Clean It Zero Purity 

Now this particular cleanser differs slight in the fact that in comes in a balm form, which means you have to scoop out a small amount with the spatula included and massage this amount onto to dry skin and massage it more thoroughly. If you have any experience with coconut oil, this product does start out as a softer paste like solid that will melt from the warmth of your hands.

I think this product is my favorite for removing waterproof mascara and liners (doesn’t leave a harsh raccoon eye as you gently rub)I feel that my makeup just melts off so effortlessly and doesn’t leave any sort of greasy residue that some balms can leave behind. This particular product is formulated for those with sensitive skin, so it’s free of added fragrances and artificial ingredients that can lead to allergic reaction. Some of the highlight ingredients of this product include soothing extracts such as: rosemary and chamomile which also have brightening properties.

Highlight: Doesn’t contain mineral oil (clog causing oil, often used as filler to still achieve an oil consistency)

Cost: $25.00

Now there you have it, 5 amazing oil based cleaners to help emulsify your most stubborn makeup and oily t-zones! 



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