How Does a DNA Optimized Skincare Routine Work?

Ever since DNA testing has become affordable, it has been used for a myriad of purposes. The latest fad is DNA optimized skincare. It is a fad because it promises much more than it delivers. It is a craze that will fade into oblivion sooner than later.

What Is A DNA Optimized Skincare Routine?

Let us simplify the science for some specific context. DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid is the chain of nucleotides found in every cell. The thread like hereditary material is the same in every cell. This is not unique in humans. Variants are found in all living organisms, including some viruses.

DNA has genetic instructions that regulate growth and development, various functions and also reproduction. Since every cell has the same DNA, it is one of the constants at the crux of our physical form or existence.

It is true that DNA does influence, to a degree, the type of skin we would have. However, some people have gone to an extent of claiming that a skincare routine determined by the DNA would help anyone accomplish wonders.

How Does A DNA Optimized Skincare Routine Work?

As a consumer, you would be asked to undergo a DNA test. You can send a sample, which can be saliva, buccal swab or hair. Your DNA will be identified and you would be categorized accordingly. Most companies that offer DNA optimized skincare products supposedly have databases of various DNAs and their corresponding skin types.

Your DNA is taken into consideration to study the strengths and weaknesses of your skin. The assessment apparently can help experts understand what your skin needs, what it has more of and what is found longing for.

Thereby, an expert can handpick the best skincare products for you. These products expectedly have the ingredients that your skin needs. Such products are also supposedly safe because they are appropriate for your DNA.

Problems With A DNA Optimized Skincare Routine

The first problem with any DNA optimized skincare routine is the blatant presumption that DNA and skincare are inseparably correlated. DNA does influence the type of skin you may have. However, it is not the only decisive factor.

Skin type cannot be merely simplified on the basis of color, ethnicity, heredity and composition of cells. Two people sharing the same or even identical genetic history can have completely different types of skin. Twins, who can have the most similar DNA, can have skin types that are worlds apart.

How does DNA explain that?

The Science Of DNA And Skincare

Speak with any credible dermatologist or a truly scientific mind and you will learn there is much more than DNA affecting your skin. One of the most crucial factors is hormones. It does not matter what DNA you have or how much your physical body is similar to your ancestors. If your hormones go haywire, then there is nothing your DNA optimized skincare routine can do.

Some hormonal disorders are genetic but most secretions depend on various aspects of a person’s life. There are too many internal or endogenous and external or exogenous factors at play here. Your skin type or its quality will depend on the climate. DNA does not reflect the climate you are presently exposed to.

Your DNA can be traced back to the Vikings or the Neanderthals, the ancient Egyptians or the medieval Indians. None of that would explain why your skin reacts the way it does today, at the place where you live.

Science VS Environment

Climate is not the only exogenous or external factor. There is exposure to ultraviolet radiation of the sun. This has some correlation with climate or weather at different times of the year. But it is also dependent on lifestyle. Then there are many facets of a person’s lifestyle. There are foods and drinks, sleep and exercise.

Everything affects the quality of skin. It is not just how your skin would be at different times of the year. Your entire childhood, teens, adolescent and young adulthood have exposed you to innumerable factors that have impacted your skin. Dismissing all of that and focusing only on your DNA is outright futile and actually unscientific. One of the principles of any scientific reasoning is to give due consideration to all other prevailing factors or realities.

Science does not exist in isolation. DNA does not exist on its own. It does not affect anything and everything. It is one of the many integral components of all forms of life. It is the most important in its core functions, such as reproduction, growth and development, evolution and adaptation. But there are other important and more pressing factors affecting realities that are not completely determined by DNA.

Organic Skincare Is The Solution

Trial and error and try before you buy are the two simple realities you must accept when it comes to skincare. Even prescribed drugs respond differently in people. It is unrealistic to expect topical skincare products to have identical impacts on all.

Since you have to indulge in some experimentation, you cannot expose yourself to any substance that is an outright chemical, synthetically produced and perhaps toxic. You ought to use organic skincare products. Some organic products can be expensive, they may not provide you instant or overnight transformations and the whole regime may sound a little idealistic. The more important thing to note is that organic skincare products will not cause any harm.

The Benefits Organic Skincare Has To Offer

Millions of women and men around the world have had horrible experiences with various chemicals masquerading as skincare products. While DNA optimized skincare routines are still quite new, yet there has been innumerable complains. People have suffered rashes, allergic reactions and more serious side effects. The bottom line is that you need to shun chemicals. You cannot use anything that is artificially produced, blends using additives and preservatives, all of which are also chemicals.

Organic skincare products use natural extracts. They can be essential oils, floral or herbal extracts, food grade ingredients and other naturally grown produces. Humans have used these materials in many forms for thousands of years. They have absolutely no risks or side effects.

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