Paris Hilton’s New Anti-Aging Skincare Line

Celebrities have been venturing into the business of beauty products, and Paris Hilton does not want to lag behind. Apart from being a model and a reality star, she is also business mogul. Recently she launched her anti-aging skin care line which she calls Pro D.N.A.

Before discussing Pro D. N. A, we will start with the basics to help you understand the mechanism used. Read on!

What Causes Skin To Age? 

Hilton claims that your skin is under attack by both internal and external factors. The UV light is a significant contributor to the aging of your skin. Others include pollution, stress as well as the free radicals in your skin cells. This damages your DNA as they attack each cell in your skin.

Your body fights to repair the damage caused, but the internal repair mechanism becomes overwhelmed and slows down. As the cells replace themselves, the DNA does not get fixed. It is, therefore, copied to the new cell.

What Are The Signs of Aging?

Fine lines and wrinkles are not the only aging signs. Paris Hilton disagrees with this notion and says that your skin loses buoyancy due to the degeneration of the DNA. It becomes uninform and loses its brightness. The effect is a complexion that is pigmented as it shows signs of wearing down earlier than we expect. It becomes dry and uneven.

What Does Pro D.N.A Offer?

The products concentrate on repairing damaged skin cells from sun exposure. The package includes four items namely:

  • Lift and Firm eye cream
  • Advanced Recovery Serum
  • Dual Action Cleansing Gel
  • Face Décolletage cream

All the products contain Genomatrix formula that reduces aging through repairing damaged cells, making your skin elastic and minimizing pigmentation. It also gets rid of fine lines and dull looking skin. The formulas used are scientifically driven to guarantee your safety.

The products contain natural, active elements to prevent you from harsh chemicals that irritate the skin. They dig deep into your skin to improve the repairing process to allow it to work from within. You get young from different angles according to your desire. The enzymes in these products come from marine microalgae that support your natural DNA repair process to prevent aging.

The Science Behind DNA Repair Enzymes 

Marine microalgae is a cell organism that is derived from The Mediterranean Sea. This contains a robust DNA repair mechanism so that it can withstand harsh external conditions. The repair enzymes improve the replication of your skin to enhance damaged DNA before reproducing it incorrectly.

These repair enzymes get rid of the flawed scan and substitute with a clear one in the machine analogy. This process occurs as the efficiency of the machine is increased.

Types Of Products

Lift and Firm Eye Cream

Hilton recommends this treatment that revitalizes and gives your eye area beautiful contours without irritating your eye. It brightens your eyes thanks to the silky formula in it.

It also minimizes wrinkles and dark circles by supporting the cellular structure of your eyes. Face Lift and firm eye cream hydrates and renews the eye area.

Face Décolletage cream

This is what reduces sagging, dryness, and hyperpigmentation. We like it since it suits all types of skin. It supports DNA repair to brighten and give your skin its buoyancy. It also prevents the damage from free radicals and facilitates the production of collagen.

Dual Action Cleansing Gel

You get gentle exfoliation from a soothing gel that does not strip your skin. This cleanses your skin from pollutants and gets rid of excess makeup. You get a refreshed skin without causing dryness on it. Your skin can maintain its natural moisture.

It contains caviar lime that nourishes your skin with essential minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. You can use it in the morning and before going to bed.

Advanced Recovery Serum

This helps your skin cells regenerate to prevent signs of aging and keep you away from wrinkles. You get deep hydration and an even skin tone. It also promotes the formation of collagen and makes your skin elastic.

Final Thoughts

From the above, you can see that these skincare line products are suitable for any skin type. You can enjoy these products without worrying about allergic reactions. Check out these products and try them today!

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