The 6 Nighttime Tips To Add To Your Skincare Routine

During our busy and hectic lives, our skin takes a beating from free radicals, wrong products and stress. All these factors can lead to tired, dull and aged looking skin. Luckily our bodies run smoother than any machine assembled past or present. Sleep is more than an essential necessity, it is the time when our skin is transformed and restored to a healthier state. Aside from getting sufficient beauty sleep, here are the top 5 tips that you should add to your skin care routine to see an improved complexion!

Cleanse Daily

This tip cannot be stressed enough (makeup wipes don't count!). Throughout the day we have the tendency to touch our faces without thinking. This nervous habit leads to transference of oils and bacteria from our finger tips. This excess oil then leads to clogged pores, while the bacteria will lead to acne.

Aside from touching our faces, makeup is a substance that should be completely removed from skin before going to bed! Makeup should be removed for several reasons, one being that sleeping in your makeup leads to skin being unable to “breathe”. Makeup is largely composed of waxes, parabens and oils which can irritate skin and clog pores. Aside from clogging pores, makeup also creates a barrier that prevents skincare products from being fully absorbed into the surface of skin. This barrier then causes nurturing ingredients to solely sit on top of skin.

Furthermore, cleansing should be done daily regardless of skin type or age; however, not all cleansers are created equal. For the most part, effective cleansers are not universal and one should reach for the cleanser formulated for their skin type. There is one general rule that all could benefit from: stay away from sulfates. Harsh sulfates strip skin of essential oils that help regulate a normal PH. Those with oily skin will experience squeaky skin temporarily, only to experience higher oil production to compensate for the loss. On the other hand, those with dry skin will experience flaking and itching from the loss of the little oil produced.

Get Silky

There are a handful benefits to using silk pillowcases; aside from keeping hair smooth and frizz free, they don't absorb oils as easily as cotton cases. This simple switch will help most for those of us that sleep on our stomachs. For those with dry skin, silk cases work better to keep moisture in while those with oily skin will find that oil is whisked away.

Aside from improving the texture of skin, silk pillow cases also help to combat wrinkles by keeping skin moisturized and supple. As commonly known, cotton naturally absorbs anything it comes in contact with. Cotton cases are breeding grounds for acne causing bacteria and unseen makeup residue.

Boost Your Retnoids

Retnoids, a vitamin A derivative is the number one anti aging fighting ingredient that reduces fine lines. Retinols are clinically proven to increase cell turnover and to help generate collagen production. Retinols are similar to tretinoin ( a stronger, more potent form of Vitamin A) without the harsh side effects. As powerful as this ingredient is, it is extremely delicate to UV rays and breaks down upon contact.

For this reason, retinols should only be used at night in order to see result and obtain benefits that they offer.


Aside from layering on Vitamins A & C to brighten skin and reduce wrinkles; keeping skin hydrated fills in fine lines and glowing. As a last step in most skin care routines, a cream or oil based moisturizer seals in products, hydrates skin and creates a protective barrier from free radicals. It is ideal to use a moisturizer at night so it has time to fully penetrate skin without irritants like makeup and UV rays to zap out facial oils.

During this time, skin is in repair mode and moisturizers act as a glue to help mend damaged skin cells and fibers. By skimping out on a moisturizer, you risk waking up with excess oil and breakouts due to skin's natural tendency to restore PH levels.

Be Kind To Eyes

Eyes are the most sensitive area on the face having a significant thinner texture and more prone to wear and tear. When applying serums and creams targeted for under eyes and outer corners, it is important to only use a gentle touch. It is easy to apply product too harshly and to apply too much product. To avoid eye irritation, products should only be applied with finger tips using a dabbing motion. This application technique avoids pulling and tugging which leads to wrinkle formation.

Reduce Screen Time

Following the pattern of less is more, reducing screen time provides plenty of benefits. Aside from improving the quality of sleep and less eye strain, your skin will thank you! In our modern fast pace culture we often neglect the need to slow down or detach ourselves from our phones. By taking the time to unplug and avoid screen time approximately two hours before bed, stimulating blue light has time to wind down.

Blue light waves that emit from smart phones, televisions and computer screens also can age skin and mimic effects that UV rays have. While we can't avoid screens all together, something as simple as avoiding screen time after cleansing skin can make all the difference!







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