Trending: Going Bananas Over Skincare

Bananas have become the latest craze in skincare but for a change this is not just another fad. The benefits of the humble, affordable and nutritious banana are well known and its impacts on skin have been scientifically proven.

The Anti-Aging Benefits of Bananas

Bananas are rich in potassium, an essential nutrient that hydrates skin and in effect is a natural moisturizer. Bananas are rich in B vitamins that are effectively antioxidants capable of fighting free radicals. B vitamins can prevent signs of premature ageing.

The Acne Fighting Benefits of Bananas

Bananas contain vitamins A, C and E, zinc, amino acid and lectin. Vitamin A can heal dry and withered skin. It can heal scars after acne breakout. It minimizes dark spots and can reverse some signs of ageing. Vitamin C is the building block of skin. It is instrumental in secretion of collagen.

Vitamin E can protect your skin from damage caused by ultraviolet rays. Vitamins can regulate the oil secreted by sebum glands and hence keep skin optimally moisturized without any excess. Vitamins also counter free radicals and prevent inflammations.

Zinc in bananas can fight germs that can cause acne. Lectin too fights bacteria that cause pimples and acne. Amino acid in bananas is quintessential nourishment for the skin. It contributes to the strength and elasticity of your skin by strengthening the connective tissues.

Bananas have become popular among skincare brands as a moisturizer, for effective oil control, to prevent and even reverse signs of ageing, as a treatment for acne and a cure for dark spots.

Here are five products that can infuse some bananas in your skincare routine

The Body Shop Banana Body Yogurt

This is basically a dessert for your skin but it does not have any side effect. The creamy and flavorful blend is readily absorbed by the skin and you would not only look but also feel amazing.

Lanolips Banana Balm Lip Sheen 3-in-1

This is another goodie for your skin. You would have to be a little miserly while using this product as you can easily run out of the small tube and it is not among the most inexpensive of skincare products.

Farmhouse Fresh Mighty Tighty Turmeric & Banana

This may come as a surprise for anyone who is not familiar with either banana or turmeric as a gift of nature for your skin. This product contains turmeric, mashed banana and a bit of Echinacea extract. The combo helps to tighten skin.

Your skin will be much stronger and more elastic. Your skin would also don a glow and look radiant upon regular use. Again, this is not among the inexpensive skincare products you can buy so you ought to use it sparingly.

Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Crème

This does more than what it is supposed to do. While it does get rid of the dark spots and tightens the skin under your eyes, it also paves the way for your concealer. Not all eye creams are as great at multitasking as the eye cream from Ole Henriksen.

SkinFood Bananamond Shaking Point Makeup Remover

This is one of the more affordable banana rich skincare products on this list. This makeup remover smells delicious and it can rejuvenate your skin without any need to tug or rub your skin.



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