What Your Acne Is Trying To Tell You About Your Health

Most acne treatments only address the surface of breakouts; while others purify deep into pores. While most treatments and remedies help reduce the duration of a breakout, it is only a temporary solution.  The causes of acne vary, from hormonal changes, allergic reactions and environmental factors. The unseen causes of acne start from within. There are a number of internal issues that can act as indicators of your health, depending on where acne appears. The location of where acne appears in correlation of specific health concerns is known as: Face Mapping.

Face mapping is based in traditional Chinese medicine and is the practice that separates the face into distinctive zones. These zones can reveal chronic health issues or acute issues that can be as simple as a diet change. One true test of these system is if you have pimples that turn up at the same spot multiple times.

The Zones

This area is often a common area to those undergoing puberty; but it also an indicator of digestive issues. These issues could be an indicator of your body having a difficult time breaking down foods or stress. To help regulate digestion, methods such as flushing toxins out with plenty of water or incorporating cleansing foods such as veggies like sweet potatoes, broccoli and tomatoes which are are packed with Vitamin A.


Between The Brow

This area is where the T-Zone begins and can often be a trouble spot for those suffering with oily skin. If there is a break out in this area, this can be an indication of a problem with the kidneys, stomach or liver. All these organs are important in processing harmful toxins out of the blood stream and keeping cells in top condition. Something as simple as cutting down alcohol consumption can help relieve skin of dryness and the “tired” look as well.


If you experience acne in this area, chances are you spend a lot of time in an urban environment that is full of free radicals. One of the biggest culprits of acne in this area is pollution stemming from the air. While you can't completely eliminate your exposure to free radicals, you can do things to increase your oxygen levels. Things like spending time outdoors or adding a humidifier indoors to filter your air can bring relief to the surface of skin.





This area of the face is known a major area for blackheads; as well as painful whiteheads. If you experience chronic breakouts in this area, it is believed that you are experiencing respiratory issues. Issues such as breathing problems that can stem from free radicals in your environment. Things such as eliminating smoking from your diet and eliminating meat can offer relief to your heart.


This area is common for hormonal changes such as that time of the month when the body is trying to regulate the changing estrogen levels. Although birth control offers itself as an option to deal with hormonal related acne, changing how one eats plays a big factor. It is not uncommon to crave fatty or sweet tasting foods before or during one's menstrual cycle; however reaching for fruit rather than a candy is a much more better choice.

If the above is not applicable to you, then a breakout in the chin area can also be an indicator of kidney or digestive related problems.


A breakout in this area is closely related to stomach issues and a high consumption of of fatty foods that could be irritating your colon. Your colon works to aid in the filtering of toxins alongside the kidneys. An increase of fiber and intake of water could help aid in the flushing of toxins that buildup within the intestinal walls. This buildup could lead to trapped bacteria that then take place in form of a whitehead.  Eating a “clean” diet full of veggies, fruits and whole grains also help to detoxify these fatty foods from the bloodstream.





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