Is Neosporin An Effective Skincare Product?

Neosporin is a product that is synonymous with anti-bacteria treatment or scar prevention; but, how does it fare as an anti-blemish product? Considering that acne is the accumulation of bacteria and trapped oil, in theory it should be effective?

In the wave of topical products available to fight acne, having this product as an over the counter option is something many would jump at the chance at. The results may surprise those searching for a healing product to treat acne.

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Ingredient Breakdown of Neosporin

When it comes to skincare products; ingredients can be broken down into: active and inactive. For starters, the active ingredients in Neosporin are: bacitracin, neomycin and zinc. All these ingredients are known to fight off bacteria and prevent infection due to open wounds. Those who pick at acne scabs, may find open wounds as a common occurrence. Aside from warding off bacteria, Neosporin is known to speed up the body's healing process and prevent scar formation.

Now most of us know that Neosporin has a thick and sticky texture to it; this is due to the petroleum jelly base. Not only is this ingredient comedogenic; but, it can create excess heat that leads to more acne. This protective barrier is great for keeping out particles and radicals from entering a wound; but, as a payoff it traps bacteria.

Problems With Spot Treating With Neosporin

Those who are seeking Neosporin as an acne solution would use it as a spot treatment. Now the reviews are mixed when it comes to using this product as a spot treatment. For starters, the consistency of it, is not thin enough to penetrate pores to drive out bacteria. Rather than removing bacteria from within, it just sits on top of bacteria.

One thing to consider is that Neosporin is formulated for short term use on small areas. Those that seek to use it as a spot treatment will become dependent on and cause skin cells to weaken its own defensive mechanism. This weakened immunity leads to vulnerability and higher exposure to acne causing bacteria.

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Alternatives to Neosporin For Acne Treatment

Although it may be tempting to use this product as a quick spot treatment for acne; in the long run it does much more damage than good for skin. Before reaching for this product to treat a zit; one should reach for products designed for acne. Products that include: benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or witch hazel as a base ingredient are great over the counter options.



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