Reasons Why You Need to Start Using a Konjac Sponge

Reasons Why You Need to Start Using a Konjac Sponge

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Women are always looking for new skincare products that promise to turn back the hands of time. Konjac sponges are rising in popularity because they are all-natural sponges that exfoliate and nourish the skin.


Many methods used in exfoliating in present times involve chemicals and harmful additives. Some people prefer to use more natural practices in their skin care regimens.


Konjac sponges are derived from organic, fibrous roots of a vegetable.


Every person has a different type of skin and assorted blemishes. Some skins are oily while others are sensitive to exfoliating and get red or patchy as a result. People with dry skin sometimes have a difficult time finding face care that nourishes and rehydrates. The Konjac sponges can be used on any face type and the exfoliating increases how much moisture the skin absorbs, which can ease dry skin problems.


What is the Konjac Sponge?

Reasons Why You Need to Start Using a Konjac Sponge

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Konjac sponges were first used over a hundred years ago to sponge off newborn babies. The smooth texture of the sponge cleans pores and is soft enough to be used on babies after the sponge has soaked in hot water for a few minutes.


Konjac sponges are derived from the root of the Japanese konnyaku plant, a potato-type plant found in tropical Asia. Besides being turned into facial sponges, many Japanese dishes feature the konnyaku plant. When used as a sponge, the Konjac root draws out the impurities from the skin.


Informally known as elephant yam, the Konnyaku roots are dried and ground before being turned into the round colored sponges used in face care. The Konjac root has been used for centuries in Asian cultures as a food, with Konjac sponges gaining popularity in the last 100 years or so.


During the process of making Konjac sponges, the ground root is mixed with charcoal or different clays, such as green or red, which is how the sponges get their colors. Each color benefits a different type of skin.


Your Konjac sponge can be used daily as an exfoliator, as well as for removing makeup. However, you need to soak the sponge in coconut oil to remove the makeup easier. Then the sponge needs to be washed and dried before the next days use.


The sponges are good for up to a few weeks, but if you see the sponge disintegrating or warping, you should throw it out and purchase a new one.


How Do you Use a Konjac Sponge?


Konjac sponges cleanse pores, increase circulation and exfoliate the skin. It’s a big job for such a little sponge. The sponges have natural vitamins A, B, C, D and E, which nourishes your skin as well as reducing dry patches, acne, blackhead and eczema.


Before you use the Konjac sponges, you need to be aware of what type of skin you have – normal, oily or dry.


Different colored Konjac sponges help alleviate different skin symptoms. However, the plain white sponges can be used on any skin type.


When you first purchase the Konjac sponge, it will be hard as a small rock. Follow these steps to soften your sponge and how to use it:




When you first open the sponge package, soak the sponge in warm water for 15 minutes. After you’ve used the sponge more than once, it only needs to be soaked in warm water for a minute or two. The water helps the sponge expand and soften.

Squeeze the excess water from the sponge using your palms. Apply a drop of your preferred cleanser or use the sponge without cleanser.

Using the Konjac sponge on your face, rub in upward, circular motions. Pay special attention to areas prone to blackheads and acne.

The sponge will remove sunscreen, dirt and dead skin cells. It can be used to remove makeup, but that can be removed easier beforehand with coconut oil.

To clean the sponge after use, rinse with cool water and gently squeeze, without twisting or wringing, the extra water from the sponge.

Either hang the sponge to dry or put in a sealed container in your fridge. It needs to be stored away from light and humidity, which means you can’t store it in or close to your shower.

Replace Konjac sponge when needed.


Can I Use My Konjac Sponge Every Day?


If you have a daily skincare routine that involved exfoliating, you can use your Konjac sponge.


Regardless of skin type, the sponge is gentle enough that it is soft enough for daily use on any face or body type.


If you don’t have a daily routine and don’t want to create one, the Konjac sponge can be used two or three days per week and still see beneficial results from its use.


How Long Do Konjac Sponges Last?


Your Konjac sponge should be rinsed in cool water and dried (or put in fridge) after every use. The sponge needs to be cleaned every two weeks by placing the sponge in hot water for a few minutes. This disinfects the sponge and prevents dead skin build-up.


If properly cared for, your Konjac sponge will last between four and six weeks before you need to discard it and buy a new one. If you notice the sponge no longer expands or begins to fall apart, that means it’s time to get a new one.


What Do the Colors Mean?


When you go to purchase a Konjac sponge, you might notice that there are several different colors of sponges available. The different colors aren’t just for looks; each color has its own exfoliating properties for different skin types.


Here is a breakdown of the sponge colors and skin types:


Dark grey or black Konjac sponges

Reasons Why You Need to Start Using a Konjac Sponge

Photo Credit: Crov

The grey/black sponges are infused with charcoal. They are best for acne-prone skin.


Red or pink Konjac sponges

Reasons Why You Need to Start Using a Konjac Sponge

Photo Credit: Integrity Botanicals

The red/pink sponges get their color from the red French clay. These sponges are best for sensitive or dry skin.


Green Konjac sponges

Reasons Why You Need to Start Using a Konjac Sponge

Photo Credit: Ener-Chi

The green sponges are incorporated with green clay, which is used for detoxifying. The green sponges work best on oily skin.


White Konjac sponges

Reasons Why You Need to Start Using a Konjac Sponge

Photo Credit: Cici Glam

The white sponges are just plain Konjac and can be used for any skin type, with or without cleanser added.


Konjac sponges are little exfoliators that remove dead skin and promote circulation under the skin.


Benefits of Konjac Sponges


Cleanse and exfoliate


The sponges are slightly rough, which is good for exfoliating and removing dirt, but soft enough not to leave scratches on your face.


Helps treat acne and clogged pores


The sponges target acne problem areas and unclog pores.


Essential nutrients


The sponges contain several minerals, detoxifiers and helpful proteins.


Glowing skin


Exfoliating with harsh chemicals can damage your skin. These sponges leave your skin glowing with a non-toxic, organic substance.


Detoxifying bamboo and clay


Bamboo and clay are both contain natural detoxifying and antibacterial materials.


A sponge for all skin types


Some of the sponges have clay or charcoal incorporated for different skin conditions and the pure white sponge works just as well on any skin type.


Best Konjac Sponges for Your Skin


You can buy Konjac sponges at any beauty store, but here are a few of the best sponges to buy online now:


MY Konjac Sponge All Natural French Red Clay Facial Sponge for Dry or Mature Skin

Reasons Why You Need to Start Using a Konjac Sponge

Photo Credit: Amazon


This sponge is dedicated to dry or mature skin. It can reduce troublesome skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea and psoriasis. Despite the red clay, it is fragrance-free and hypoallergenic.


MY Konjac Sponge All Natural Korean Facial Sponge with Activated Bamboo Charcoal

Reasons Why You Need to Start Using a Konjac Sponge

Photo Credit: Amazon


The bamboo charcoal gently exfoliates the sensitive skin and reduces acne. The natural bamboo is used to fight oily areas to help prevent future acne breakouts.


Konjac Sponge Set: Organic Skincare Facial for Natural Exfoliating and Deep Pore Cleansing 5 Piece Sampler Pack

Reasons Why You Need to Start Using a Konjac Sponge

Photo Credit: Amazon


This sample pack of Konjac sponges includes one of each color so you can experiment to find the right sponge for your skin type.




Konjac contains the nourishing vitamins A, B, C, D, E, as well as zinc, iron, fatty acids and magnesium. It also has antioxidants and naturally exfoliating properties.


The Konjac root is mixed with clay or bamboo to create the various colored sponges for different skin types. Clays help absorb oil from the skin while controlling excess shine.


Bamboo isn't just healthy for panda bears. The anti-oxidants found in bamboo can reduce wrinkles, giving your skin a younger appearance.


For those concerned about the environment, Konjac sponges are 100% biodegradable and vegan, making it great for the body and the environment.


If you’re looking for a gentler way to exfoliate or a skin detox, the Konjac sponges are an anti-toxic way to replenish skin and reduce signs of aging.



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