What Are Anti-pollution Skincare Products?

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Pollution is unavoidable. While cities and industrial areas across the globe are heavily polluted, villages and serene rural landscapes are also not being spared these days. There are various types of pollutants we get exposed to every day and night.

Pollution spikes during colder and drier months. It subsides to an extent during warmer and wetter months. According to an estimate of the World Health Organization, over four million premature deaths are caused by outdoor air pollution every year. This transcends urban and rural areas. Some regions are faring better than others but no one is really immune or protected from pollution.

The Types Of Pollutants

There are many types of pollutants, first classified according to their size and then according to their toxicity. Not all pollutants cause the same level of harm to our health. Particulate matters that are at least ten microns in size are less harmful than those that measure less than two and a half microns. Two and a half microns is so tiny a size that it is smaller than the pores in our skin.

Two and a half microns particulate matter cannot be filtered by our lungs and there is no membrane in the human body that can protect the blood and tissues or the cells from such pollutants. In other words, we are getting exposed to many toxic and some nontoxic materials that cannot be kept out of our body, our bloodstream or our cells.

Skincare Products Designed To Fight Pollution

Antipollution skincare is primarily cosmetic products such as creams, lotions and face packs that aim to protect the skin from the various types of particulate matter we get exposed to all the time. Even indoor air can be loaded with particulate matter of varying sizes if we do not have proper filters protecting the windows, doors and ventilation systems.

Particular matter smaller than two and a half microns in size penetrates our skin and target our tissues, cells and blood vessels. Such particulate matter affects our lungs and causes respiratory problems. This is why millions of people wear masks when pollution increases to alarming levels.

Pollution causes a plethora of skin problems too. The most common problem is premature ageing. The second most common problem is inflammation. There is a rise in cases of eczema, hives and various kinds of rashes or infections. Pollution is largely to blame since there have been no major genetic changes in humans to make us more vulnerable to skin diseases.

The Role of Anti-Oxidants

Antipollution skincare products aim to protect the skin from particulate matter of varying sizes. Some creams and lotions can effectively prevent particulate matter around two and a half microns in size or smaller from entering our skin and causing damage at the dermal or epidermal levels.

Many of these creams, lotions and face packs use antioxidants and various other natural ingredients that can protect our skin from particulate matter, toxic materials in the air and ultraviolet rays of the sun. In a way, these products can serve the purpose of makeup, sunscreen and antipollution protection.

The Correlation of Pollution & Aging

It should be noted that the premature signs of ageing and other skin conditions such as eczema and hives may seem to be cosmetic problems when we factor in the serious respiratory problems and other fatal diseases caused by pollution.

Yet, it is better to make the most of the healthy products available at the moment. Just as you would use a mask when pollution rises to breathe in clean air, you should also protect your skin with antipollution skincare products.

You can avert signs of ageing, your complexion would be much better and you will also provide some essential nutrition to your skin. The various vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in antipollution skincare products can nourish your skin, fight radicals and avert oxidative damage.

Skincare Product Recommendations

If you are wondering which brands make antipollution skincare products and if they are reliable, then you can consider Aveeno, Chanel, Chantecaille, Dior, Origins, Murad and Ren. These are some of the most respected brands and their antipollution skincare products have been deemed effective by many users. These brands use natural ingredients so you are not voluntarily choosing to expose yourself to harmful materials in an attempt to protect yourself from a plethora of particulate matter in the air.


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