Derma Korea Collagen Essence Full Face Facial Mask Sheet 16 Combo Pack Review

What Are Derma Sheet Masks?

These simple yet powerful sheet masks are packed with collagen essence and a variety of compounds to to tackle: anti-aging, inflammation, dryness and acne flareups. These masks promote the health and complexion of skin in a simple, cost-efficient and pampering manner.

The Dermal Korea Collagen Essence Full Face Facial Mask Sheet Combo Pack contains a variety of 16 individual ready to use sheet masks.

[Link: What's The Deal With Korean Sheet Masks?]

Main Features
  • Each mask contains 0.2% Collagen & Vitamin E
  • Eye area fold (optional to place over eyelid)
  • Each mask is soaked in a cocktail of essences, vitamins and minerals that are gentle to skin

Overall Impression of Product

Now for starters, you can't beat the price point for this combo pack. On Amazon it retails for $9.99, that generates to about $0.62 per mask. Korean sheet are typically affordable for most budgets; but, these masks are actually made in Korea and have the best ingredients at the top of the list. This means that you're not getting fillers or a watered down product by any means. You could pay a similar price elsewhere; but, with less potent ingredients

In addition each mask contains Collagen, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E as a base, which all promote anti-aging and protection from free radicals. I really like the fact this variety pack has a lot to offer all skin types and skin concerns of all age ranges. Another feature that stood out to me was the size of each mask.  A typical problem I find when shopping for sheet mask is that they are much too large. I find that with larger masks, the sheet doesn't adhere to skin as well and the quality is not the best. These masks are the perfect size, stay on skin with light pressing and the facial slits are well placed. The texture of these masks are nice and thick—not paper thin or flimsy. The material is a nice sturdy fabric that stays on skin

One of the more important highlights that stood out were the scents and my skin's reaction to the masks. Some masks are padded with heavy fragrances that overload the senses and can cause averse reactions. With the exception of the Aqua mask, I found that each mask had a cooling sensation paired with little no irritation is a huge plus to sealing the deal for these masks.

When you take into account:

  • Results
  • Quality
  • Versatility
  • Cost
Are They Worth Trying?

Investing in these masks is more than worth while for the value they offer. Not only do you get to pamper yourself multiple times a week, over time the results will speak for themselves. I really feel that the overwhelming positive feedback I've come across aligns with the experience I had testing these beauties out!

How To Use

It is always recommended to follow the instructions as directed for any skincare product for best results. In accordance with the packaging directions, I did each of the following per each application.

  • Cleansed and toned skin
  • Applied on dry skin
  • Used eye folds on most masks
  • Left on for 20 min (15-20 recommended)
  • Did not wash after removal
  • Gently massaged any left over essence into skin

 Note: Try refrigerating unopened masks for an extra cooling effect  

Review of Each Derma Sheet Mask


Now Gold masks are ones that you usually see at high end spas, so I was surprised to see this variety included in this pack.  The packaging states that Gold promotes “human metabolism and skin cell activity”.  Gold is known for its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This then leads to an increase of collagen and elastic on the surface of skin and reduction of puffy eyes. Upon opening this mask has a really fresh scent to it, almost florally, I’m guessing that comes from the hints of Aloe Leaf Juice.

The mask is filled with plenty of serum, not to the point that its dripping but enough so that the mask has a cooling effect when placed on skin. Overall I really liked this mask because I could notice I difference in my complexion straight away, especially around my eye area because of dark circles that I have. My skin was left luminous and didn’t leave a sticky residue behind. Of all the masks, this is one I would use again for sure!

Highlight Ingredient
  • Colloidal Gold | 0.4ppm

Now the packaging on this mask has citrus on the front,  so I was expecting it to have a strong citrus scent at the very least. Instead it had an almost medicinal scent to it. Vitamin C is known for its brightening properties, hence the reason why it is used in many eye serums and anti-aging products. Overall I feel that this mask was just kind of meh, I have used other Vitamin C based masks and those have left my skin glowing, so I was slightly disappointed with this mask. Also I found this one to a tad sticky when compared to the rest, so rather than leaving a glowing complexion, it left a sticky, almost oily sheen to my skin.

Highlight Ingredient
  • Stabled Vitamin C | 0.1%


This scent is not for the faint, it was probably the strongest. Right away you can smell the Lavender essence. I think another reason why this scent was strong was because it was dripping Rosemary essence. Once you get over how strong the scent is, the mask does an amazing job of brightening skin. I was actually surprised how much the redness I have around my nose faded away. Lavender is known for its inflammatory properties. Overall I this mask pleasantly surprised me by the results and the glowing and the brightening complexion  was just an added bonus. This one definitely makes my top 3 to try out from this pack!

Highlight Ingredient
  • Herb Compex Extract | 1%

Now this mask was the first one I tried, the scent could be described as baby powederish? It just has this overt freshness to it that is pleasing to the senses. Pearl is known for its luminosity and brightening properties. Overall the consistency of this mask was very sticky when applying to skin. Although the scent was fresher than the others, the results were not drastic enough for it to stand out. I felt that it did leave a temporary hint of a glow, but once again it got the job done.  My skin did feel softer but not moreso compared to the other masks.

Highlight Ingredient
  • Pearl Powder | 0.02 %


When seeing this, my initial thought was…what is exactly a white mask? Now the packaging on this mask boasts, brightening, moisturizing and firming as it highlight qualities. When looking at the ingredient list, Morus Alba Bark Extract is listed toward the top, upon research, I learned it is also known as white mulberry, hence “white mask”. This particular ingredient is known as a Chinese healing herb noted for its brightening and aiding in correcting skin discoloration.  Now the scent of this mask is incredibly fresh with strong hints of Aloe Vera. I think this mask did an amazing job of giving my skin a luminous complexion and one thing I was not expecting was an immediate shrinkage of my pores. Not only did the redness I have around my nose and cheeks fade, but my pores were hardly visible and the had an almost “blur effect” to them.

Highlight Ingredient
  • Morus Alba Bark Extract | 1%

Now I had high hopes for this mask because I have oily skin. Whenever I see a product featuring charcoal as a main ingredient, I don't hesitate to purchase. The wonderful feature about charcoal is its ability to draw out impurities (excess oil and unclogging pores) like a magnet! In fact I like to implement a pure charcoal bar as part of my skin regime.

This mask failed to impress me as someone who has used a lot of charcoal based products. For starters I was expecting the mask to have a tint of soot coloring like other masks I have used in the past. This mask had a fresh scent to it like the others, the strong hint of Aloe Vera was apparent. It was not overly sticky upon application nor drying. After taking off, I didn't notice a change in the complexion of my skin nor did I see a reduction in pores like I had with the White mask. Overall this mask was fairly basic, even after massaging the excess essence into my skin.

Highlight Ingredient
  • Charcoal Extract | 1%

Charcoal Pulls Out Impurities


This mask was one I was looking forward to especially because of the main ingredient: hyaluronate. This ingredient is the go to for all anti-aging brands. As someone in the mid 20's, those fine lines are beginning to creep in, so age prevention has become a new skincare priority. This mask did have a thicker consistency when compared to the others and was dripping with essence. The fragrance of this mask stronger when compared to the others, I would compare the scent to that of Pearl mask. I found that this mask did shrink pores and my skin did feel incredibly moisturized long after removal. As far as the anti-aging qualities go, this mask did not perform above average by any means.

Highlight Ingredient
  • Sodium Hyaluronate | 1%
  • Sol'n |1%

By the name alone, I was curious to how moisturizing this mask would be. The mask was fairly moist and had a strong yet pleasant fresh scent. It literally smelled like a beach in the bag that could be attributed to the sea water accents. Now initially this mask did leave my skin very moisturized after removal but it did leave a sticky, almost glaze like sheen to my skin. I'm not sure if this is related to the use of the mask or another factor; but, this was the only mask that did cause me to breakout around the chin area. The breakout was not sudden; but, rather within hours I had irritation. The following day I had a small cluster of pimples. Aside from the breakout, this mask was intensely moisturizing.

Highlight Ingredient
  • Deep Sea Water | 0.5%

To begin, this mask had my favorite scent hands down! Although the scent was incredibly strong (think salad in a bag). There was no denying that this mask had cucumber extract in it. Cucumbers are known for their intense ability to reduce inflammation and flush out toxins.  A cliche as it sounds, the cooling effect they carry has an incredible effect to de-puff eye bags and the appearance of broken capillaries on the face. From the smell alone, I was excited to try this mask. I did find it had a cooling effect that was not as apparent compared to the others.

I'm not sure if my skin was dehydrated that day; but, it absorbed the essence quickly. By the time that the 20 minutes were up, the mask had dried. This mask was the only one that dried before the time had completed. This mask just left my skin looking tight and dry afterwards despite the refreshing application.

Highlight Ingredient
  • Cucumber Extract |1%

This mask was drenched in product yet the application was not messy by any means. The scent of it was incredibility fresh but not overwhelming like some of the others. Much like the Gold mask, the results were literally immediate upon removal, my face was glowing and felt soft to the touch. I had a lot of essence left behind to massage under my eye area. After an hour had passed, I checked in with my face and it still had this after glow to it. Overall this mask performed very well and exceeded average results. I would place as one of the standout masks to try.

Highlight Ingredient
  • Colloidal Platinum | 0.2. ppm

From the name alone, I had a hunch that this mask would perform well.  Although seen as a controversial ingredient much like Botox, snake venom has incredible skin tightening qualities. For those seeking a way to regain taunt skin, this mask is a standout. The smell had a hint of Aloe Vera but with an almost bitter gasoline like fragrance.  Aside from the fragrance, it was drenching and had a thicker texture. After removing the mask, my under eye area brightening dramatically. It would even say the shade of my skin looked like I was wearing concealer. The fine lines I had under my eyes were filled and had an intense blurred effect to them. This mask was my instant favorite!

Highlight Ingredient
  • Syn-ake | 2.5ppm
Royal Jelly

Royal jelly can be found in many skin and hair care products due to its powerful moisturizing and brightening properties. Honey is known for its anti-inflammatory qualities and ability to restore suppleness to skin. This mask had a strong floral like scent and had an average amount of essence.  After removal I didn't notice much of a difference in the redness in my skin but it did leave my skin feeling velvety smooth. I would say this mask is perfect for those with dry skin; but, if you have problematic skin, don't expect a drastic result by any means.

Highlight Ingredient
  • Royal Jelly Extract | 1%
Green Tea

For starters, green tea is considered an anti-aging powerhouse. It is packed with flavonoids that ward of the signs of aging and inflammation. In fact the caffeine content makes it perfect to de-puff the appearance of under eye bags.  As someone that suffers from bouts of rosacea and under eye bags, I was excited to try this specific mask.  The smell naturally fresh and the green tea scent is obvious. I felt this mask was the most soothing and cooling on skin than the cucumber. After removal, my skin looked brighter and felt softer. As for the inflammatory benefits, I can't say that it made much of a difference.

Green tea has been used for centuries to reverse aging

Highlight Ingredient
  • Green Tea Extract | 1%

Aloe is known for its multi-use benefits in regard to skincare. It has amazing moisturizing abilities and healing properties. For instance, if you ever get a burn, you can dab aloe vera gel to reduce inflammation and scarring. I was curious to see how this mask would differ from the others. Considering all the masks had aloe vera as an inactive ingredient, the scent of this one was not surprising. The one obvious difference was the mask shape. The eye and nose cut outs were wider and the mask was larger than the others. It did have a sticky quality to it, although, no where as sticky as the Pearl.  I found it that it left an oily sheen to my skin rather than moisture. Considering the texture of aloe vera, the stickiness stood out a lot with this mask.

Highlight Ingredient
  • Aloe Extract | 1%

When I received this pack, I was hesitate to try this mask. The thought of placing animal byproduct on my skin did not sit well; but, nonetheless my curiosity remained. The mask had a distinctive scent to it, not as fresh as the others; but, rather a hint of musk. Nonetheless, the smell did not hinder my experience whatsoever.

I was surprised to learn of the many benefits that snail mucus aka snail filtrate has to offer. I would suspect that Western skincare is just hoping onto the snail slime train and learning of its anti-aging super abilities. When digging into its benefits, I learned that it is composed of glycolic acid and proteins. Now glycolic acid is considered a power anti-aging agent and categorized alongside hylauronic acid. Both of these compounds fill wrinkles and promote collagen production.

In addition to its anti-aging properties, snail filtrate has shown promise as a UV light ray shield. It also has cooper peptides that carry healing and anti-aging benefits.  Overall this substance has the ability to moisturize and restore the texture and quality of skin.

Considering this mask contains a small amount of snail filtrate, I was anticipating what type of results would generate. For starters, the texture is not slimy at all and did not drip. The immediate results of this mask was intensely moisturized skin. It was not the type of moisture that sits in the surface of skin, my face soaked in the essence. My pores did shrink a tad; but, I did not notice a change in the texture of my skin. I feel that had the mask been left on longer, perhaps I would have noted a change in the appearance of lines. Overall, this mask was worth trying and suited for winter dry skin especially.

Highlight Ingredient
  • Snail Filtrate | 1%
Q10 Coenzyme

This mask contains super vitamin, Q10. This substance is found in the cells of your body needed to produce energy and antioxidants.  It is used to help diminish wrinkles, especially around the under eye area. The main highlight of this compound is its ability to generate collagen production and reverse sun damage. It helps to transform tired looking skin into a more youthful and rejuvenated complexion.

This mask had a familiar scent of a fresh bottle of pills with a ting of citrus. It had a thinner consistency than the other masks with less essence. I found that this mask didn't adhere to skin as easily as the others. I had to keep patting down my chin area to keep it on.

Aside from the application, the ingredients were gentle on my skin and left it extremely soft to the touch and firm. I did notice a slight change in the size of my pores and the blur effect around my cheeks. I can't say that my complexion was clearer or any brighter. My only gripe with this mask was how sticky it left my face despite the glowing complexion.

Highlight Ingredient
  • Q10| 1%
  • Sol'n| 0.2%










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